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Where can I find my iMIV serial number?

Two kinds of serial numbers are applied for our iMIV products. One is a decimal based serial number; the other is a HEX based serial number. There are 5 different ways to retrieve your iMIV’s serial number:

I) Retrieve decimal serial number

1) On your invoice.

The last line of item list table is the 12 digit decimal serial number.

2) On your iMIV device

Here you have to look for a bar code on the side of your iMIV MFi adapter (see red rectangle in the picture above). The serial number is a 10 digit number in the bar code (demonstrated by the red circle).

3) On your HU

With SAT or MDC firmware the serial number will be shown on the HU when you cycle through the display settings.

4) On your iPod

With the new MFi iMIVs, you can retrieve the serial number, hardware revision, and firmware revision /index from you iPod.

a) Select “Settings”

b) Go to “About”

c) Scroll down to “iMIV” and select

d) Your screen should show the serial number (Decimal Value) of the iMIV. Data format and detail will vary between iPod models.

II) Retrieve HEX serial number

1) On your iPod

To see the serial number on your iPod you have to set the iMIV MFi adapter into Service Mode (please refer to your manual if you don't know how to do that). The iPod screen shows a string in the following format: 100000/v01.00.00. The first six characters is the HEX serial number.