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How do I reverse the image on my back-up Camera?

To answer this question, you need to disconnect the green wire from the black that is within the cable from the camera. Since this is a pre-assembled cable this is not a simple disconnect and you need to "surgically" modify the camera cable.

To do this we suggest that you make a longitudinal cut in the camera cable jacket with a sharp knife/scalpel. Be careful not to make this too deep as you may actually cut the shielding of the video cable.

Start the cut 8 cm/3 inches from the 2.5 mm plug, and make it about 5 cm/2 inches long. Then peel the cable carefully open and locate the green wire. Cut the green wire in the middle.

Test the image to see that it is still ok. If ok, cut an extra 5 mm or 1/8 inch from the green cable – so that the two cut ends no longer have the possibility of touching.

Close the cable jacket and use a single layer of electrical tape to cover the cut area.

That should do it.