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Media Cable - X1 iMIV Classic Reversing Cable


A dedicated cable to connect our ‘X1’ Reverse Camera (PN: P0.911.0000) to the iMIV Classic. Designed for situations where the iMIV Classic is mounted in the rear of the vehicle.

This cable is designed exclusively for our ‘X1’ camera; it will not work with any other reversing camera.

Please Note: iMIV LE and MII LE devices do not require this cable. The intended cable for those devices is the Power and Camera Cable (PN: A0.143.0004)

This product will only function with an iMIV Classic. LE, and older iMIV devices will not work.

Backup Camera Enable/Disable Firmware for iMIV Classic

This firmware enables or disables reverse camera video when the vehicle is put into reverse. Only for iMIV Classic!

Installation Manual -

Outlines installing iMIV Classic and all LE series devices as well as their accessories.