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Our designs are reviewed and tested, and tested, and tested – we spent hundreds of hours on testing, and broke a few test stands in the process  - to be 100% compatible with old  and new iPods or iPhones, and because we are using the latest specifications from Apple on authentication, there is a guarantee that our devices will be compatible for new iPod and iPhone and releases, and firmware updates (there is a very good chance that iPod accessory devices without authentication will become, in time, door stops.)

What about the iPad?  Yes, our devices will work with iPad, but are not officially compatible as the iMIV devices do not support a charge current of 2 amp – they support 1 amp, and that still will charge the iPad (be it slower).

Previous customers, have commented on the messages that were showing on the iPod touch or iPhone when connected to the pre-MFi iMIV devices.  These “stubborn” messages are gone.

Recovering your serial number and knowing what firmware options have been installed is significantly easier. To see this information, you can simply look at your iPod, Settings, About menu and scroll down to the iMIV entry.  Here you will find serial number, hardware revision, and firmware options installed.  No more guessing. Recovering your serial number with the service mode options is still possible too, but will not work with devices that have a touch screen.

For those of you that wanted to view video from your iPod, the previous design allowed that too,  be it with the aid of the Apple “composite out” authentication cable in conjunction with the “iVA”  cable.  This is no longer required.

Authentication is now incorporated in the iMIV and offers a significant cost reduction -  yes the iMIV Classic RTI package has been reduced by $10.00 and if you were to incorporate the cost of the authentication cable, by over $40 USD!  Furthermore, the iMIV devices and iPod are tightly integrated, and that allows the iMIV to configure the iPod or iPhone for optimal video playback on your OEM navigation screen.

Last but not least, we are using automotive grade dock connectors in our new cables.  These connectors are just awesome.  They have excellent shielding (100%), and are designed for heavy use: excellent retention, reliable contact surfaces, and robust housing with sturdy strain relief.  We are one of few companies that specify this connector in our dock cable assembly.

With us being part of the MFi program, we also look forward to incorporating new features: features that will leverage the new possibilities that the new iPod or iPhone devices will offer.  These new features can be applied to previously bought devices, as the software (firmware) for the iMIV devices can be changed by simply playing a “firmware song” to the device.

Talking about firmware updates, we are offering new firmware file formats that can be directly dropped into an iTunes Playlist, and use art files to clearly show what firmware type, and which revision it is you are uploading to the iMIV.

We are excited with all the new features we have incorporated, and new ones that are planned.

We are glad to be offering you this premium iPod or iPhone integration solution, and look forward to being of service to you.