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iPhone 5(S) audio fully supported!

Fri. August 09, 2013 - 08:44PM (8 yrs ago)

We can confirm that the MFI Compliancy (made for iPod/iPad/iPhone) and the implementation of the MFI Chip (Supplied by Apple to us) in the iMIV devices, once again makes it possible to use latest iPods, iPhone's and iPad's with the iMIV's!

Since the iMIV's come with the traditional 30pin connector, you'll need an original Apple adapter (can be ordered in the set at VolvoTech.EU!)

(or use the Bluetooth Extender as available in the set at VolvoTech.EU )



If you already own an MFI compliant iMIV, you can buy the adapter at Apple, connect and keep enjoying Ultimate High Quality audio in your Volvo!

The Apple Lightning products even don't require to use advanced modus anymore to enabel text on the HU!

(Text is enabled by default now!)

-Your iMIV Team

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