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Who are the folks behind the iMIV brand?

That is a question often received … so we figured that it would be good to tell a bit more about us.

The iMIV products are designed and made by Sensolutions Inc. in collaboration with AudioMusic design and VolvoTech.EU.

Sensolutions is a Calgary, CANADA, based company with roots in automotive diagnostics technologies.  The founder of the company also has a long connection (over 35 years) with the Volvo® brand starting way back growing up … indoctrinated by his aerospace engineering father in the reliability of the brand – and still owns an Amazon, and 245 (along with a more recent V70R).

Our staff has a wide variety in (cultural) backgrounds, and speak various languages.  We even have staff that speak that Nordic language where the Volvo brand is so engrained  Wink.



Our products are designed and made to our specifications, with iMIV modules being assembled, programmed and tested in Calgary,  CANADA.  Cabling is designed in such a way that it uses the same quality connectors as Volvo is using in their vehicle harnesses.   This assures plug and play installations that are simple, quick, and have a reliability second to none.

So if you want to integrate an iPod or iPhone with your Volvo head unit, be sure to give us a call, or drop us an email.  We will give you plain and straight forward answers.  Our support will help you in making your decision easy.

We are Volvo enthusiasts that design and make products for Volvo cars that reflect brand characteristics: safe, reliable, innovative, and value!  And no matter what language we speak, or where we come from, we are committed to our customers.

We Roll for You!

Your iMIV Team.

“What is between your car and iPod® is our business”™